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Back to Basics: Back Care

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine March/April 2011

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

“Back injury is the most common and most expensive muscle or bone problem in the U.S.” reports Business Week. Back pain sufferers range in age from children to the elderly. This two-part series will help identify some common causes of back pain and how to avoid injury. Also discussed will be how to treat an injured back before getting in to see a professional. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Is Chiropractic Care neede After An Auto Accident?

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine January/February 2011

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

Auto accidents vary from being severe and life threatening for the driver to minor fender benders with the people involved walking away seemingly uninjured. Unfortunately, auto accidents occur quite often and injuries can go undetected. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Save Your Back During The Hectic Holiday Season

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine November/December 2010

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

Cold weather. Holiday meals. Shopping. Decorating. Gift wrapping. Entertaining. Family gatherings. Holiday parties. The holiday season it upon us. As we prepare for the holiday season it is important to take precautions and be prepared to handle extra stress. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Is That Backpack Damaging Your Child's Spine?

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine September/October 2010

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

Summer is coming to an end, and our children are back in school. But it's early enough in the school year that many school supplies are still being purchased. If you children haven't chosen their backpacks yet, be sure to consider how a backpack can affect their spines. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Is Dehydration Making Your Back Hurt?

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine July/August 2010

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

Summer is upon us...sweltering heat, sweat and fatigue. Did you know dehydration can cause back pain and degeneration? Water is an essential part of our lives, and this indispensable element is a wonderful natural therapist that can cure many ailments. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Setting The Record Straight On Chiropractic Care

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine May/June 2010

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

We've all heard of chiropractors but do we really understand what they do? Many people have misconceptions about chiropractic, largely because of several myths about the profession. To help clear up some of these misconceptions, let's discuss some of the myths and facts about chiropractic. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Shànt Wellness An Oasis of Calm In A Busy World

Featured in Sweetwater Wekiva Springs Magazine May/June 2010


Shànt Wellness, located in the Bear Lake Shoppes in Apopka, is a welcome respite from a hectic world. Its state -of-the-art studio offers a soothing environment to achieve optimum health through chiropractic care, yoga, massage therapy, acupuncture and other natural health therapies. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Boost Your Immune System for a Healthy 2010

Featured in Orlando WE CARE Magazine Jan/Feb 2010

By Dr. Pari Limbachia, D.C.

2009 Health in Review: Influenza, Swine Flu, H1N1, allergies, asthma, stomach viruses, congestion, heart disease, breast cancer and health care reform. And as we begin, a new year, we will undoubtedly be face with new challenges concerning our health as individuals and as a society. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

Putting on the Stripes to Ease Pain

Featured in The Wall Street Journal April 2010

By Laura Johannes

Bright-colored strips of tape in odd patterns are increasingly being seen on professional and recreational athletes. Kinesiology tape can help take pressure off overused muscles, reduce swelling and alleviate pain from injuries, say companies that sell it. Scientific evidence is mixed, but clinicians say it seems to work. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

NFL Great Jerry Rice Shares Personal Successes with Chiropractic Care on the Football Field and the Dance Floor

Featured in ESPN Magazine, Women's Health & Sports Illustrated

CARMICHAEL, Calif. – January 12, 2009 -- The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a not for profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of chiropractic, announced today that future NFL Hall of Famer, Jerry Rice has agreed to serve as its spokesperson. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

A video of Jerry Rice's testimonial can be viewed by clicking here.

Decoding an Ancient Therapy - High-Tech Tools Show How Acupuncture Works inTreating Arthritis, Back Pain, Other Ills

Featured in The Wall Streen Journal March 2010

By Melinda Beck

Acupuncture has long baffled medical experts and no wonder: It holds that an invisible life force
called qi (pronounced chee) travels up and down the body in 14 meridians. Illness and pain are
due to blockages and imbalances in qi. Inserting thin needles into the body at precise points can
unblock the meridians, practitioners believe, and treat everything from arthritis and asthma to

anxiety, acne and infertility. READ THE FULL ARTICLE >>>

A video of WSJ's Health columnist tests out Acupuncture to reduce her back & neck pain. Click here to view.

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